Club Assembly

Wow!!  What a great meeting today of the Rotary Club of Palm Springs.   Before the meeting three of us met to discuss the April fundraising event at a local country club.  It was productive.   Both of the people are so bright and experienced in Rotary.

Today was a Club Assembly and each member of the Board gave an overview of what has been happening and what is planned in their area.  It was well received by those in attendance.  It really is wonderful to be part of such a fantastic club.

And it was such an honor to be introduced as the President- elect for 2014-2015.  Many of the club members offered congratulations.  I am so happy.  Also, I was presented with the Paul Harris plus two pin at the meeting.

After the meeting three of us went over to a condo and emptied out some things that had been donated for the upcoming Rotary Annual Garage Sales (RAGS).  While driving over I had an interesting conversation with a member who has been in Rotary since 1971.  Amazing.  He was telling about how it was when women joined the Club for the first time and about his early days in Rotary.


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