Principal for the Day

Today I had the honor of being the Principal for the Day at an elementary school in Palm Springs.  It was an informative and interesting day.

I arrived at the school before 8:30am and was taken on a short tour.  Then I led the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag at the school assembly.  Visiting several classrooms and a special assembly on bullying was really interesting.  Seeing the students and interacting with the teachers was a really good experience.  It was such a moving experience when a first grader grabbed me by surprise and gave me a big hug!   Priceless!

The Principal and I attended a luncheon at the Administrative Offices with the School District Superintendent and several elected members of the School Board.  All the Principals throughout the District and the other designated Principals for the Day were in attendance.  There were news anchors, radio personalities,  philanthropic types, college administrators, police chiefs and fire chiefs that had been selected for this beneficial experience.

Each of us made short remarks about the experience.  I stated that it was great to observe first hand what is right with education today.  The principal was an inspiring leader who demonstrated outstanding administrative, instructional and personal attributes.

This experience as Principal for the Day will be something that I will always remember.  When I was introduced as President Elect Nominee for Rotary Club of Palm Springs it made me smile and have a proud feeling.


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