Palm Springs — Engage Rotary

Today the Rotary Club of Palm Springs held its first meeting of the new Rotary year.   Yesterday we had the first meeting of the new Board of  Directors.   I am honored to be the President Elect (2014-2015).   The past year on the Board of Directors was great.  I learned a lot about teamwork, communication, and being committed.

I am a Rotarian!   I believe in Service Above Self.    I look back on the last year and I am really pleased with my experiences.   I went to the Rotary Leadership Institute for two sessions, the District Assembly and the District Conference.   I met many new people and relationships with others grew this past year.

Rotary’s international theme for the year is “Engage Rotarians to change lives”.    It means each Rotarian and the Palm Springs Rotary Club must reach out more to the community and make the Club more available for service, fellowship and friendship.

Methods will  include existing projects of providing dictionaries and thesauruses to elementary students, providing high school students with college scholarships and hosting the Angel View Prom.  We can change people’s lives.

I really like the theme this year.   It is really going to be a great year.

At our meeting today I presented the Club Administration and Programs information.  It has been fun to schedule a variety of speakers.  The programs are diverse and some interesting and informative programs are planned.  It is going to be a a great year in Rotary service.


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