Some of the key points of Rotary membership:

  • The Three Fundamentals of Growing Our Club:  1.  Create the Rotary Culture, 2.  Attract New Members,  3.  Keep them for life.
  • What is the Rotary Culture?  1.  Treating each other as family.  2.  Being service-focused.  3.  Calling the missing person the same day.  4.  Being inclusive of all people.  5.  Being the conscience of our community.  6.  Our members are our first customers.  7.  Living the Rotary Lifestyle.
  • Recruitment and Retention.  1.  Recruit people who are already living the lifestyle of a Rotarian.  2.  Find people active in serving their community.  3.  Do they have passion to make a difference?  4.  Assure that they have credibility and can network.  Also – the keys to Recruitment and Retention:  The club should be 1.  Low-cost.  2.  Fun-raising.  3.  Service-driven.  4.  Friendship-based.  5.  Community Anchored.
  • How to improve retention:  1.  Immediate involvement.  2.  Meaningful Leadership Role.  3.  Make friends, not members.  4.  Mentoring by an active member.  5.  Social activities in-between the meetings.

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