Being a Rotarian

Last Saturday (Oct-5-13) I had the chance to attend the District 5330 
President's Elect Retreat at Thousand Pines in Crestline, CA.
It was fun, informative and useful.  

After the Retreat I was thinking about being a Rotarian.  I have been  
a member of three Rotary Clubs and a member for about seven years.

How has Rotary changed my life? 

"Being a Rotarian has been a great experience to have friends with 
ethical values; to become more involved in helping others; and giving 
me a mechanism to know that I am making a difference."

Leadership is ultimately about helping others to be their best.
That means putting others above self.  And that is the basic 
foundation of Rotary.  As Paul Harris understood over 100 years ago 
when he invited some friends to dinner, when you get a lot of people
working together and believing in service, anything is possible.

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