Rotary Year 2014-2015 begins July 1

Rotary is a worldwide organization whose members are professional or business people (men and women) who have a commitment to serve their own community and the broader international community. Rotary Clubs enjoy friendship and fellowship while working together for common goals. The Rotary Club of Palm Springs is committed to the application and development of the principles of Rotary fellowship and goodwill and to the ongoing support of the Palm Springs community. It is important for leadership and the Board of Directors to lead by example and that we ALL buy in to the ongoing principals of Rotary. Rotarians must support in addition to the local Club, the District and Rotary International by not only contributing but with our attendance at events at the District and club level.

In March I had the chance to attend the President’s Elect Training Session at Mid-South in Nashville. It was informative and motivational. There were great ideas, hospitality and sharing between the Presidents Elect in attendance. Following “PETS’ a survey of the members of the local club was completed to gain insights. And on May 20 a planning session with the club Board for the new Rotary year will be held. It is exciting to be planning for the new Rotary year. And it is exciting to be the incoming President of the club. The theme for the new year is “Light Up Rotary” and our club is in the process of developing how we will be able to implement this theme in our community.

The Rotary Club of Palm Springs was founded in 1941. Members of the club have donated in excess of $1 million to over 50 local charities and sponsored scholarships for students via the club’s local Foundation. Additionally, the club has raised more than $55,000 specifically to assist Rotary International’s efforts to eradicate Polio worldwide.

Members of the Rotary Club of Palm Springs are leaders in the community and their chosen professions such as education, publishing, tourism, hospitality, medicine, real estate, and business.


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