At the Rotary Club meeting on August 20, 2014, I had the pleasure of being the program speaker for the meeting. I was selected to participate in the District Vocational Training Team, visiting Southern India. This Education and Literacy Training team consisted of five members, ranging in age from 26 to 73 years old, and it included an elementary school teacher, a high school teacher, a university instructor, a librarian, and me – an author.

Many of us remember Rotary’s Group Study Exchange program where districts exchanged non-Rotary member to visit and study each other’s particular vocations. The Vocational Training Program has replaced this program. Teams are selected in Rotary’s Six Areas of Focus: Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution, Disease Prevention and Treatment, Water and Sanitation, Maternal and Child Health, Basic Education and Literacy, and Economic and Community Development.

At the meeting I presented a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation that highlighted the areas of Southern India that the team were fortunate enough to visit. Presentations were given to students of all levels, Rotary clubs, and service organizations throughout the area. I published a very interesting blog that further described his incredible experience, and this blog may be viewed by going to http://blog.rotary.org/2014/03/21/vanakkam/ .


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