New Book “Dream Leaders” is International Book Award Finalist

New Book: **The 2017 International Book Awards have been announced and “Dream Leaders” has been honored as a Finalist in the Anthologies: Non-Fiction category.**

Book Description:

Everyone can find unexpected fulfillment in impacting or transforming the most important issues in their communities. “Dream Leaders” shows you how to become an exceptional leader in community service. This book will help to overcome fear and doubt to incorporating leadership into your life and help you to create more engaging community service. You will be amazed at the rewards that come from finding solutions to community problems by being a better community service leader. This book provides inspiration for social activists and change makers and helps you to foster a reputation of being an exceptional leader. The anthology helps to improve community service organizations that change the world, underscoring that one leader can make a difference. The essays provide examples and a rounded study about community service and those who lead their communities. It will help you to have an impact and improve the lives of those around you as well as yourself.

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