Take Responsibility!

We ALL need to do what we can, where we are with the tools that we have!

Let’s take responsibility for a World that works for everyone! How wonderful to be part of Rotary that is All-Inclusive and deals on the Solution Level!

What happens with the human condition is we become complacent, we think, “What can I do, I’m only One Person?” We shrug our shoulders and go through the motions of living a life devoid of a spiritual passion and true gratitude! Being part of Rotary allows the chance to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

When Buddha was asked, “Who are you, a god or an angel?” He answered, “I Am Awake!” When we are awake we put the works with the Faith and make a Difference right where we are, with the tools that we have in Rotary, which allows us to stand in the Truth and let our Light Shine!

Recently I was asked “why am I a Rotarian?? I replied, “to pay back I need an opportunity to pay it forward.” Rotary provides a big heart for Service.